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Dress Like a Celebrity

Who's Your Favourite Celebrity?

Celebrity Oscar Dresses

We all like to flick through the glossy magazines or browse online web sites to see what stylish creations the celebrities are wearing. Most of us at some stage have checked out the styles worn by celebritiy names like Kate Middleton, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham etc. and wished we could wear similar beautiful dresses.

And of course the celeb wedding styles worn by Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel and Mark Zuckerburg's beautiful bride Priscilla Chan. Some of these garments cost many thousands of dollars and are quite simply out of the reach of most people.

On the Red Carpet

Oscar time is almost as much about watching the Red Carpet styles as it is about the actual awards. Well, to some of us it is :-) 

You saw a stunning dress at the Oscars on a movie star or music celebrity. Or in a magazine or another web site.

Now that you've found your dream dress, a number of questions arise.                             

        Where can I get it?

        Is it available in your size?

        Is it available in a different color?

        Can it be changed to match your individual style?

If you have a good image of the celebrity design you want, please send it to us for a quote. Or send us a link to the image online. Our designers will check it and make their recommendations to help achieve the outcome you want. So, maybe your dream can become a reality. 

Talk to us today

If you want to find the dress that is ideal for you, talk to us today and see how easy it is to finally make that dream dress your reality! Our staff and designers will do all they can to help you with useful advice, information and suggestions.

Join the growing Laila Monroe community and experience a fantastic shopping experience where customer satisfaction comes first!