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How to Place an Order

We like to keep everything as clear and simple as possible and with placing an order, it's the same. Simple easy steps!



Placing Your Order

  As we said above, we like to keep it simple so there is no requirement to register an account. Just contact us to discuss your requirements. Send us your details including where you are located. We only deal with the bridal trade and not directly with the public. We also have a policy of exclusivity which simply means that, if we supply your business, we will not supply another vendor in the same area. For example, in a city like New York, we would supply no more than 4 customers but these could not be in the same part of the city. In smaller cities or towns, we work to a 50-mile radius exclusive area. Once we are satisfied that you are a genuine retailer and that we don’t already supply a vendor in your area, we can then send you our up to date catalogs and wholesale price lists. 



Place Your Order


  Choose the item you wish to purchase and select your size. You can select from "Standard" or "Custom" sizes. Please read this carefully.



Select Your Size & Color 


Standard Sizes: 


  As most brands use different measurements make sure you know your measurements. Select your size from the drop down menu. This menu is designed to show the sizes we use along with the matching measurements in centimeters (cm) and inches. Choose the size closest to your measurements making sure not to choose a size that is too small.


Custom Sizes:

  You also have the option of selecting a custom size. In this, you can provide your measurements but please remember that a custom size will cost more. 


  Select from the colors available. These are usually White and Ivory but sometimes there are other color options. If you are looking for a different color that is not listed, please contact us.



Making your Payment

We have a number of payment options and this can be agreed upon when placing your order.

   When you send details of your order, we will send you confirmation of the price.

   On your acceptance of the quote, we will send you an invoice confirming all the details and outlining the payment options which include Bank Transfer via TransferWise (the most economical method) plus PayPal. 

   When On receipt of your payment, your order will be processed and confirmed.  


That’s it! Nothing complicated. If you have any questions, we are always available to clarify anything you wish to ask.