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First Dance Songs for your Wedding

28/02/2014 0 Comment(s) Wedding Planning,

First Dance at Wedding

The wedding party starts with the first dance of the newly-married couple. If you want to impress your guests while avoiding any embarrassment you might fear of being on the stage for a first time, better prepare in advance. Of course it is necessary if you both share these thoughts, so the preparation will be an amusing experience and not a torture.


Hire a Pro

The easiest way is to seek the services of a professional dancer, who will prepare in no time a simple but attractive choreography for you, taking into account your abilities and favourite music.  Choosing the right music is one of the keys to a successful first dance.  It is important to discuss this and get a suitable rhythm because, let’s face it you can’t dance a slow sexy rumba if the music is too fast. The meaning of the dance and the desired effect could be lost.


Do It Yourself

If you decide to prepare on your own for the first dance, you should remember some important steps that ensure your success. First is to plan accurately and in detail the beginning and the finale of your dance. Keep in mind they are the most memorable parts of each performance – a strong beginning and a strong finish. You can compensate the lack of professional choreography with watching videos of wedding dances. This way you will discover the best positions and movements which will express your personality and you will feel yourself while performing them.

Fun & Entertaining

The second step to a successful first dance is to make a short and fun / interesting dance continuing of about 2 or 3 minutes. Be sure you discuss with the DJ to achieve the right finish. It would be impressive if the choreography includes several spectacular spins, which you have rehearsed enough in advance, so you will be irresistible in the supreme moment. Sometimes this can take weeks of practice. If you are using professional help, it is more likely to shorten the duration to a few lessons.


First wedding dance - kids

Relax and Enjoy

The third step to a beautiful performance is to feel comfortable. Smile and enjoy the experience and forget the eyes turned towards you, if possible. Even if the dance does not work as planned, don’t be afraid to improvise. Let the rhythm and the music suggest the right movements to you. Trust your partner and don’t forget these moments are primarily yours and then shared with your guests. 


Above all else, have fun!


Possible First Dance Songs

Each of us has our own favorites and what’s right for one person is not necessarily right for you. But here in no particular order are twenty suggestions you might want to consider:

  • You Do Something To Me  -  Paul Weller
  • Angels  -  Robbie Williams
  • Love is all Around  -  Wet Wet Wet
  • I Have Nothing  -  Whitney Houston
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love  -  Elvis Presley
  • Make You Feel My Love  -  Adele
  • Nothing Else Matters  -  Metallica
  • Chasing Cars  -  Snow Patrol
  • Falling Slowly  -  Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
  • Wonderful Tonight  -  Eric Clapton
  • More than Words  -  Extreme
  • You Raise Me Up  -  Westlife
  • Nothings Going to Stop Us Now  -  Starship
  • The Dance  -  Garth Brooks
  • The Luckiest  -  Ben Folds
  • Amazed by You  -  Lonestar
  • Unforgettable  -  Nat King Cole  
  • You Are So Beautiful  -  Joe Cocker
  • That’s Where It’s At  -   Sam Cooke
  • If I Had To Be You   -  Frank Sinatra