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Buying a Custom Made Bridal Gown

Posted by Staff 11/03/2016 0 Comment(s)


When customers contact us with questions, they can cover a wide range of topics and many of these are or will be covered in a series of blogs dealing with common questions from our customers. In this blog, we discuss an example of how we customised one of our existing wedding dress designs to meet the very specific needs of one of our brides.


Transformation To A Modest Wedding Dress

Custom wedding dress


Our bride lived in a city with a very limited selection of bridal gowns and could find nothing that met her expectations. 


She was quite conservative so anything too revealing would be a big no-no. Her search for a modest wedding dress was proving unfruitful until one of her close friends suggested that she consider buying her wedding dress online. 


When our customer service team explained that we could work to her design ideas or, if she sent us some images of what she liked, we could also work to that.


Having browsed our online bridal store, she said she really liked our "Charlie" ballgown wedding dress (top image shown on the left and at the bottom of this page) but that there was no way she could wear a plunging sweetheart neckline like that. 


We reassured her that this could be altered to a more conservative style and work from there. The images on the left are a great example of how we worked with the bride to achieve a solution which she was delighted with. 


Step 1


The neckline was changed from a sweetheart style to a straight, non revealing, modest neckline. 


Step 2


The “off the shoulder” straps were removed to allow for a bolero jacket.


Step 3


We retained the lace up corset closure on the back of our original design as this give extra flexility in that even if the brides weight fluctuates a little between the ordering of the gown and her wedding day, the fit will usually be better.







Step 4


We made a beautiful lace bolero jacket with long sleeves and a cut out back. This can be seen in the second bolero image on the left and is a really elegant effect that adds to the overall look while retaining the bride's modesty. If a bride is in any way shy, it's important to realize that and to ensure she is 100% comfortable on her wedding day. 




Step 5


The cut out on the back of the bolero was fine for the reception but for the ceremony, she wanted the minimum of skin on display so a waist length plain veil was added with matching lace appliqué edges. 








The End Result


The look was complete and as can be imagined from the finished look, the bride looked stunning on her big day and she also felt comfortable in her custom made wedding dress. The total cost of her dress, bolero and veil was in the region of $775 but she looked and felt like a million dollars.













To look "a million dollars" doesn't need to cost a million or even thousands. If you are thinking of a custom made to order bridal gown, contact us. It costs nothing to talk!