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Four Tips for Budget Wedding Shoes

Posted by Leah 07/02/2013 0 Comment(s)

OK, so Laila Monroe is a specialist wedding dress designer and manufacturer and we don’t sell shoes. But we do know about weddings and we like to think we know a reasonable amount about wedding shoes.

Many of our customers ask for some advice or tips about how to get the perfect wedding shoes but at an affordable price.

The reality is that everybody will see your Designer Wedding Dresses but if you wear a long dress, not many people will see your wedding shoes. Do you want a big brand name with an expensive price tag or do you just want something comfortable? Comfort is of course important since you will be on your feet for many hours. So you need to decide what’s best for you. Bear in mind that most of the guests will have no idea what your shoes look like.

With that in mind, here are a few thoughts that might help.

  1. If your choice is a big name designer brand but you don’t want to spend a months salary on them, we suggest to look for your shoes in April or May. This is when the high-end outlet stores have them in stock and with a little luck, you could find Vera Wang and other big name designers for up to 75% off!  While your weight might fluctuate month on month, your feet size will remain the same so shoes bought in May will be fine in March.
  2. Dress up plain sandals or flip-flops with ribbon, brooches, or shoe clips for a unique (and affordable) look. It’s always nice to add that personal touch.
  3. Buy shoes that you’ll wear again for work or for a night out. In that way, the money is an investment in your wardrobe and not just a one-off. You’ll feel less guilty about allotting a bit more cash for your wedding splurge.
  4. Look in your closet. If you already own something that works - why spend money on something new? Probably the only person who will know is you!

We hope these thoughts will help you to find the perfect wedding day shoes without breaking the bank. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.