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Size? It's Just a Number!

Posted by M.D. 20/02/2014 0 Comment(s)

Many women agree that the most important dress she will ever wear is her wedding dress. Despite this, most have to settle for a dress that is a “size compromise”. Some Laila Monroe customers have said that we are a woman’s dream because every  Wedding / Prom dress is custom made to size as well as to customer requirements.


Most women are not the perfect size 6, 8, 10 or even 18 and manufacturers have different criteria for sizing. There can be many inches difference between “Brand A” size 10 and “Brand B” size 10. To avoid the confusion, we prefer to avoid standard sizes and where possible, we encourage our customer to know their actual measurements. Why? because we believe it makes good practical sense and results in a better fitting garment. 


Vanity Sizes


Since the company was founder, Laila Monroe has been at the forefront in promoting the concept that the most important number is not the meaningless size written on the label but the actual measurements that every woman should know. “Laila Monroe made a decision that the only numbers that matter is the customer measurements, not a number dreamed up by some marketing department. No guessing. No “vanity” numbers.”  


Did you know that Marilyn Monroe at 5’5 ½” with a 35”-22”-35” figure was considered a size 14 but today, she would be a size 8 or a 6 depending on the brand. Her measurements didn’t change so why the size change?  Nicole Miller is a very talented designer but when she introduced sub-zero sizes in 2006 it was easy to think the fashion world was going crazy.  Laila Monroe commented “We decided against following the vanity trend. Laila Monroe makes real sizes with actual measurements. Maybe in the future, the ultimate vanity size will be Custom Made.”


High street stores traditionally offer a limited range of styles and sizes and the only real alternative was to commission a designer or seamstress and get an expensive custom made gown. tries to offer a real alternative. Customers can choose from a range of designs, have them customized, or provide their own design. They can even send a photo of a dress and have it custom made in just 6 weeks. For the budget conscious bride, a custom made gown at a fraction of high street prices is a dream come true.


On the subject of Marilyn Monroe and "size", you might want to check out a really interesting article by Tess45 on Hub Pages


Does Size Matter?


Does it really matter if some brand says you're a size 8 while another says you're a size 10? The answer is NO!



Size is only a number and in reality, it's not a very important number. The fashion industry, in it's own interests, tells us what to wear each year, how dated our wardrobe has become and how we must change. Normal fashion trends change quickly but bridal fashions change less quickly from year to year so brides can ignore the "trends" and go for something that looks good on them. Unfortunately, when it comes to the more curvy bride with a fuller figure, the selection is quite limited. Custom size is the ideal but most high street stores don't offer this option. Many brides are in fear of the search for a plus size wedding dress that makes her look like a million dollars and let's face it, there's a stigma around big sizes. But trying to kid ourselves by pretening our size is smaller than it actually is, is to deny reality.


Thinking about this brings memories of a TV report in the USA where a store owner proclaimed that she knew she had gotten bigger in the last ten years but she was deligthed that she could still fit into a size 10. What I found sad and disturbing about that was that this lady was the store owner and was advising customers about what to wear. Enough said!


In conclusion, let's ask a few questions and then make a decision about the importance of "size".


When was the last time somebody came up to you and said:

  • "wow, I love that color on you"  ... Quite often I suggest.
  • "That dress looks great on you" ... Again, a regular occurance.
  • "I love that outfit. Where did you buy it?" ... Very regular comment.
  • "That's beautiful. What size is it?" ... Let's be real, it's very rare anybody asks what size your dress is. 


Size has become something of a fashion industry illusion which raises the question, "is it better to buy into the illusion or is it better to buy into reality and know your real measurements?"


Size, is just a number after all.