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Be Different - Your Dress Design and Your Style

Because each of us is an individual, we have different taste in style. Many of you can design your own dress but can't buy it in a shop. So, where can you get it made? In most cases, we can help! You can send us a photo of the dress you're looking for. Better still, if you have an illustration of your design, please send it to us for a quote. Our designers will check it and make their recommendations to help achieve the outcome you want. So, your design idea can become a reality. 

How many times have you seen a dress in a shop or online that is "almost perfect" ... but not quite right? It happens a lot and particularly with wedding gowns. Most high street bridal stores carry a range of set designs in standard sizes but their ability to "customize" a dress to your specific requirements is at best, very limited. Small alterations are usually not a problem but what for example if you wanted a different neckline, a different back style or closure or if you wanted sleeves added? In most cases, it would not be possible but with Laila Monroe it's different. Because we custom make every dress, we can usually find a solution so that you get the dress you had been dreaming about.

Send us a Picture of the Dress - We Make it For You!  

  1. Send us a picture of your "dream dress"
  2. We give you a quote
  3. We make it for you
  4. Your "dream dress" becomes a reality!

It really is that simple to get your dream Wedding Dress or Prom Dress. And what about that stunning party dress? Maybe  you saw it at the Oscars on a movie star or music celebrity. Or in a magazine or another web site.

Now that you've found your dream dress, the same questions arise.       


   Where can I get it?

   Is it available in your size?

   Is it available in a different color?

   Can it be changed to match your individual style?

We have the answers because at Laila Monroe we can make it for you in any size and in a variety of colours and we can customize the dress to your specifications.

Not only that, we understand that everybody is an individual. The dress should fit the woman, not the woman fit the dress! For that reason we prefer to make all dresses as custom size - at no extra cost!

Talk to us today

If you want to find the dress that is ideal for you, talk to us today and see how easy it is to finally make that dream dress your reality!